Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bornpretty store review: 100cm Elegant White Beads Line Chain Nail Art Decoration ( step by step procedure) has send me this beautiful 100cm Elegant White Beads Line Chain Nail Art Decoration for reviewing Along with pearl wheel which I reviewed here.

Pros of this chain:

· It can be easily applied to your nails using Nail glue. You can use it on your natural nails or on artificial nails or on extensions.

· It can add glamour or I can say statement element to your design.

· Its quite cheap.

· Easily available at our very much loved

· Stays on my natural nails for 6 days.

· Shiny and blingy. If you love bling you should have it in your stash.

· It also available in golden colour.

· You can easily cut it with your regular scissor or chain cutters.(I used my scissor to cut it)

Cons of this chain:

· Its is little bit stiff. If you want to apply it in circle then you may find some difficulty.

· It requires some time to get set on your nails if you are using clear polish to stick it on your nails.

Besides these cons I have not find any problem with this beautiful chain.

I did this manicure using this chain ( step by step procedure)

I painted my nails with blue glitter polish from Face shop.

Then add chain in diagonal position using nail glue stick it on your nails. As shown in picture: 

Cut the excess chain and repeat it on all your fingers and thumb…don’t cut the chain of your pinki finger and take the other end of the chain and stick it on your ring finger allowing the chain to hang in between. Do it as shown:

Now add a line of pearls parallel to the chain. Repeat this in all fingers. 

Now add some rhinestones to your tip. As shown in the picture below and repeat this to all your nails.


Apply top coat to seal your new nails and now you are good to go.


I really recommend this chain you can buy this for $ 5.61 and you can use my code to get 10% discount on your entire order.


Hope you like this manicure ..its perfect for making statement.

P.s. dangle the chain on your non dominant hand and on your other hand do the design simil;ar to your other fingers.




  1. I love the mani..absolutely gorgeous

  2. This is just amazing..... Mind blowing Di... LOved it...

  3. So pretty dear .:)
    I always love the combination of blue and pink ..<3

  4. That's so funky and cool Puja, love it :)


  6. it looks so pretty and lovely.. :)

  7. never tried such nail art...ur steps made it so easy! :)
    great job:)



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