Wednesday, 16 January 2013


hi friends
I did super cute nail art today....because I am feeling very nostalgic and missing my sister and childhood days . All the fun we cousins used to do and PINK PANTHER SHOWS. How we enjoyed watching them. The background music of pink panther this post is dedicated to all my cousins,brother and my real sister PARUL,who I miss most as she lives in USA and I in India, we have not met since from last 4 years and maybe we can't for another 2 years. Miss u little sister (I know you are just a year younger to me but still I am your elder sister)

enough of emotional outburst( I think one needs to sometimes its healthy to pen down, how you are feeling) coming to today's mani.

I used Bornpretty store water decals over Faces Candy pink nail polish.

hope you all like it


  1. Love this mani. How did you do it? Do a tutorial pls.
    I can understand how u feel about ur sis. My bro's in usa too...though I miss his cute little 2yr old son more than I miss him ;)



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